Once you have accessed your customer portal and have your Tableau Server license key, follow these steps to activate each copy of Tableau desktop.

NOTE – This process is undertaken on the computer running Tableau Server, so is likely to require administration privileges on the server.

STEP 1: Log into the server, either directly or using a remote desktop connection. Stop the Tableau Server by selecting the appropriate option from the Tableau Server program group. This is best done at a time when the server is not being used.

STEP 2: From the same program group, select ‘Manage Product Keys’. Then ‘Activate’ to add your new product key.

STEP 3: Restart the server. Open the Tableau server web interface to validate that the license key has been implemented correctly. Follow the license link from the left hand menu – you will need to be a system administrator to see this information.

STEP 4: Complete. Your license is now activated and your maintenance renewal will be displayed.