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9.0 Beta Released

Code named 'mariner' Tableau's new version 9.0 has been released into beta testing. If you'd like to get access to the beta download please contact

New features coming soon in Tableau 9.0 are:

Visual Analysis

  • Ad-hoc calculations
  • Drag & drop analytics
  • Instant analytics
  • New calculation editor
  • Enhancements to web authoring
  • Level of Detail calculations
  • New selection tools (lasso and radial selection)
  • Enhanced mapping including geographic search, improved map selection, pan & zoom, new map data

Data Preparation

  • Data interpreter
  • Pivot
  • Data split (both automatic & custom)
  • Metadata grid

Connecting to Data

  • Kerberos support
  • Data Extract API for Mac OS
  • New Tableau Server connection experience
  • New and improved connectors including a new local statistical file connector for SAS, SPSS and R
User Experience
  • Redesigned start and connect experience
  • Enhanced story points formatting
  • Responsive marks
  • Improved tooltips
  • Custom shapes rendered in the web browser
  • Thumbnail previews in Tableau Desktop
Tableau Mobile
  • Redesigned app experience
  • Offline snapshots
  • Mobile analytics
Tableau Server
  • Infinite scrolling of dashboards
  • New keyword search
  • Improved permission management
  • Updated user interface
  • tabcmd improvements
  • Redesigned server administrative views
  • Improved high availability & scalability
  • REST API enhancements

Performance Enhancements

  • Parallel query
  • Data engine vectorization
  • Parallel aggregation
  • Temp table support in data server
  • External query caching
  • Query fusion
  • Shadow extracts

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